Artist Mixtape Review- Flip Dice Camp "The Bench Warmers"

Flip Dice Camp
The Bench Warmers
Rating- 7.5 out of 10

Generally speaking, people like Travis Porter for a number of reasons, but mostly because they’re equally as talented as any other member of the group. No one member shines out beyond the rest of the crew.
That is NOT the case with the Flip Dice Camp, but that isn’t a knock on the other members of the group… because melody skill excluded, Travis Porter is not necessarily the most talented collection of rappers to ever form a group (and I think in a honest moment they would say the same thing).

Upon listening to the Flip Dice Camp’s mixtape “The Bench Warmers” you realize two things:

1.      1.  This group isn’t forced. These three cats (Yung Trap, Rude Boy Dirk, and Gebo) are friends who are committed to one another’s success. You do get the feeling that Dirk is trying to push through in every opportunity he has to shine… letting people know isn’t a slouch to Yung Trap’s shining personality and lyrical delivery.

2.      2.  All members of the crew and the mixtape's host, DJ Phat Pat, are confident in their place in the Flip Dice/ Back Door Music movement and have no issues playing their part and doing it quite well.

As expected, the mixtape starts off with Trap and his group members making it clear they’re here to take Duval County by storm:

“You ain’t gotta like me
You ain’t even gotta love me
But you will respect the fact that yo’ ol’ lady wanna fuck me…
But I tryin’ to hit cuz lil baby kinda ugly
Her booty kinda lil
And her stomach kinda chubby.”

Yung Trap- “Put Me In Coach”

The entire Flip Dice Camp has this way of making the casual club thoughts come to life over solid beats, making you laugh because you can visualize yourself, in their shoes, in Aqua, doing the exact same thing you’re listening to. Now the Flip Dice Camp are not the most lyrical cast of characters, but what they do is make their music fun to listen to.

The mixtape comes with some very solid records and tracks like “Allen Boy” (my personal favorite on the mixtape),  “Like A Pornstar,” and “House 4 Love” are all the sorts of tracks that Flip Dice fan’s will play in heavy rotation .

Rude Boy Dirk as gets his time to shine on the mixtape as well:

“I be goin ham
But you niggas is still sleepin’
And yall niggas is wack
That’s the game that I been peepin
Yall set up for jumpers
While I’m in my zone defense
You hit bricks left and right
I make this shit look easy”

Rude Boy Dirk- Rude Boy Dirk Takeoff

Again, he’s not the next member Dead Prez, but with a solid flow and an abundance of confidence in it, Dirk can hold his own throughout the mixtape.

One of the biggest eye sores on the mixtape is the same thing that comes with youth at times… believing something you’ve recorded is hotter than it is and it ending up on your mixtape rather than going with a old fan favorite from a previous mixtape (for me “One Week” was unnecessary and I kept listening to “It’s Me” and “U Know Itz Me” trying to figure out if they were actually the same song, or a part one and part two that just happened to have different beats). But where there are weaknesses, Trap makes up for it with humor (just listen to his “Call To Teddy P” interlude… lol.

Other than that, “The Bench Warmers” is a solid effort to formally introduce all parties of the Flip Dice Entertainment Camp to the public. Phat Pat does a bang up job as the mixtapes DJ, but I would like to see some more effects that give the mixtape a signature “Phat Pat Sound” beyond him talking in an interlude and letting us know he was the DJ for the mixtape in a drop here and there. If these guys keep coming with tapes like this, they’ll never have to worry about going back to the bench again.