Artist Mixtape Review- Young Cash "The Vacation"

Young Cash
The Vacation
Rating: 9 out of 10

Any person with any level of musical knowledge will be infuriated when you listen to Joey Williams aka Joey Galaxy aka Young Cash…

He’ll manage to drive you insane because just when you fall in love with Cash’s swag and top notch flow (not to mention a very solid ability to sing WITHOUT AUTOTUNE) Cash will drop something that doesn’t hit like “X,” “Gotta Lotta Hoes,” “I Support Single Mothers,” etc. The reason you find yourself feeling this way about Young Cash is quite simple… he made himself known for producing consecutive hits, so PEOPLE EXPECT A HIT EVERYTIME FROM HIM!

Currently incarcerated we can only enjoy music that has already been release and what Cash’s team releases throughout his bid (Cash recorded an insane amount of music before going in to do his time). I found the most interesting collection of music coming from Cash’s mixtape “The Vacation,” a title I’m sure pays quasi-homage to the bid that Cash is currently enduring.
“The Vacation” gives you some of the best and not so great moments of Cash before he takes on his longest vacation…

The mixtape starts with Cash in rare form. Letting all those who question his ability to actually rap. Upon listening to the first track it becomes clear that both the skill to rap and sing are as good as they’ve ever been:

“I had to climb mountains
I had to jump fences
Grown man shit now
No more after school detention
See I’m relentless when it comes to the business
And I know it’s kill or be killed
Or you might just have to off the witness
And I often listen to the voices in my head
They be like ‘pull that stick out and get that bread’
The other voices in my head be shit my momma said
And momma said ‘go that route and you end up dead’”

Young Cash from “Greatness Around Me”

A lot of people have questioned Cash’s ability to rap because people have become so accustomed to his singing, so when the time comes for him to just SPIT they expect him to sound subpar, but he doesn’t fail the meet satisfactory expectations when it comes to his lyrical ability throughout “The Vacation.” The beats are top notch, as usual, and Cash takes the task of handling all of his own hooks and does so with a mastery that many few of his hip hop counterparts would ever have the ability to do. No need to hire a singer or another rapper for his hooks, he’s got it take care of.

The track “Live In The Moment” has a really cool “non-dope boy” feel, making you feel that Young Cash is much more than hang with the “Dope Boys” and  “Support Single Mothers” type of cat. I’d love to see “Live In The Moment” as a video; Cash thuggin’ it out with a sharp tux, live band behind him in a jazz bar sort of setting, cigar in one hand while holding one of the old school mics in the other and the club full of smoke and of course fine ass females… grayscale video… but that’s just me…

 “Gritz On My Plate,” “Swag Like Amber Rose” (Where Cash goes CRAZY with his flow on this record), and “Domestic Violence” (oh what a title! LOL…) all make you love Cash even more.

Itcan’t be all smiles and hallmark cards in this review, as the track “Tattoo” was a little questionable to me. But that may just be a preference thing and not a reflection on the records quality.

“Look At That” is a track that will grab your attention, but you’ll find yourself turning your head to the side trying to figure out if you really like it or if it’s too… futuristic for the mixtape.

Other than that, Cash leaves us with some really great music while his off on “Vacation,” but when you leave your fans with something like this before you go in for a bid, you’ll leave your fans sitting salivating for more. With that being said this mixtape is definitely worth a good listen. Oh and FREE MY NIGGA YOUNG CASH!!!!