Artist Mixtape Review- Balize The Infinite Mixtape

The Infinite Mixtape
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

As the clock chimed 1AM I found myself attempting to complete a paper while listening to some of the local artist on my I-Pod and as it had numerous times before, on came…

“I just watch her
Watch me…
Tell her, call her, call me
We can be friends on the weekend.
But the only reason she like me…
Cuz a nigga push!”

Balize, also known to many Jacksonville natives as Traffik, has CONSIDERABLE talent. What do I mean by considerable? He’s maybe the best pure pound for pound rapper (although Swordz, C.E.O. and Nephew may have something to say about that) in the Duval County city limits… when he’s in town that is. I had been bumping Traffik’s "the Red Pill" mixtape probably since 2010, but when the song started playing on my I-Pod last night, something made me want to go see if he had dropped anything new…. Problem was I found NOTHING under the name Traffik except for an old Myspace Page. So I went there and be still my beating heart! Traffik had changed his damn name! But I came across the next mixtape, “The Infinite Playlist,” and was pleased to find that things had not changed all too much with Traffik… er… I mean Balize… hell whatever! But even with being pleased I was mildly disappointed and it wasn’t because Traffik’s mixtape was bad…

I was disappointed because I didn’t feel like he was REACHING for anything. Oh I commend him on not putting down his singles (“Push,” “Hello/Goodbye,” and “Superstar”) from the last mixtape yet, because I know working a record can become tedious for an artist who wants to perform something other than the really great record he recorded two years ago, but for someone with his talent the expectations are higher. It’s just like in high school, if you were in the honors classes, you were given more work to do because you were better than the regular kids... since Balize doesn’t have a flow, delivery, or lyrical issue, the expectation for him is to experiment with other sounds in an attempt to see what others may want to hear from him… especially since he still so new.

Instead of diversity we hear Balize do what he does best… lyrically murder the competition with his ability to make use of ICE COLD flow on “Motivation,” “Black and White Freestlye” (over the Black & Yellow beat), and “Bet It Up.” With the exception of the unnecessary features from artist that are not on Balize's level and detract from the records, the mixtape is beyond solid. 

Balize should be signed… PERIOD. He should’ve been signed three years ago. Any reasons that he’s not have to be beyond musical rational, because when it comes to that armor, there aren’t many chinks. If Gucci Mane has a deal, this young man shouldn’t still be unsigned… and that’s not a knock on Gucci Mane. The mixtape is enjoyable throughout with the only flaw being a overabundance of dark themes that cause the mixtape the get redundant, but Balize still does a bang up job of keeping the listeners attention. SWORDZ AND BALIZE NEED TO DO A SONG TOGETHER AND GO AT EACH OTHER. They do that I think it’ll cause both men to take a lyrical step forward… as they are both talents I admire…and both full of enough music to make my I-Pod's playlist... infinite.