I Wrote This Back In 2007... Enjoy...

Point Blank Entertainment- Deadly Range

By: B. Jacobs

Two years ago if said the name Point Blank to someone they’d stare with confused look on their face and end up saying what is now said about everyone’s favorite rapper Mike Jones, “who?”

My how quickly things change…

Since 2003 this collective of promoters, DJ’s, artists, and businessmen have managed to turn two major clubs, the Roxy and Rain, into hip hop holy ground in Duval County.

“A lot of people don’t understand that we started off as an artist union over at UNF,” said Ivory Orr, owner of Point Blank Entertainment. “Friday January 30, 200? we started our first actual club night at the Roxy and we’ve been blessed to have maintained success ever since.”

Along with bolstering the two major club nights in the city. Point Blank has aided the careers of many local DJ’s. DJ 151, who two years ago would never have dreamed to have accomplished as much as he has, recently celebrated his birthday with a string of weekend long club nights dedicated to him, his birthday, and his accomplishments up to this point.

DJ D Money aka “the Cognac Kid” recently released his newest mixtape “Put Ya Money Where Your Mouf Is.”

From an artist stand Point Blank works with regionally successful acts such as Ty Stick, Jack Gunz & the Few, and the mastermind behind those green D.I.M.E. stickers you’ll see up and down I-95 and I-10, the Dime High.  

“I graduated from the University of North Florida with two degrees, marketing and business management, so this is what I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I want to do Point Blank shows in the Bahamas. I’d like to do tours with our artist internationally. I just want to take this thing as far as God will allow me to go with it.”

Whether you’re in their sights from a distance or at… point blank range Ivory Orr (the Commander & Chief) and his crew of entrepreneurs are not to be played with and pose a serious threat to anyone even thinking of moving into Duval without stepping to them first. Point Blank Entertainment is a group to keep an eye on for years to come.