Death To Made Greeks.... Bitch, You Wasn't All That Anyway!

I'm aware these are Spartans and the bodies are Persians, but maybe you'll
see my message in the image from a non-literal perspective when we get to the end.

After sitting on this one for a while, I thought it best to share my thoughts on a topic that's important to me and since I'm usually the one to get the pot boiling, I said to myself, "self, why not be the one to get an important discussion going?" So here we are and the cusp of what seems to be a new wave of greekdom. It's strange because as much as my generation, 2006-2010 (which is totally different from 1998-2005, or NPHC pre-Iota, or above ground pledging, etc) and back (and that wasn't even that long ago) have different perceptions on what MADE is, who is and isn't made and just generally how different the Greeks post Robert Champion (RIP) are, I pondered a thought. The thought isn't whether these Greeks are truly made, but rather... does it even fucking matter?

And before any of you say it, I'm well aware that Chief Keef isn't Greek (did he even finish high school?). But I'm posting this pic of Chief as an example... how many Iotas, Alphas, Omegas, Sigmas and Kappas you know that look like this... or want to still live this lifestyle (some of his behavior is shit I've been guilty of in my own life). We've got a shit ton of us who look just like this, dress just like this on college campuses, are members of fraternities, took a shit ton of wood... aaaaaand for what? Niggas made like a mothafucka, can tell you Invictus faster than Speedy Gonzales, know they Founders names front, back and side to side, and know the EXACT date of homecoming... but they can't tell you the last time they logged into their orgs site to put in community service hours... OR EVEN DID ANY FOR THAT MATTER!!!!! I mean seriously, who was it all for? When we sat under the bright light or in that dark room and answered why we wanted to be whatever it was that we wanted to be, what was the agenda? It was supposed to be in an effort to be....

Omega Psi Phi at National Conference in 1955
Kappa Alpha Psi in 1940
Alpha Phi Alpha's Beta Chapter in the 50's
Iota Phi Theta Alpha Chapter in 1969
Phi Beta Sigma at Morehouse step show in 1980

But instead, we seem to be more concerned about "where the hoes at," "nigga, where you pledged" or "is yall boys running the yard still"... like my nigga, is you serious? Nigga did you even run the yard when you were on it? Who gives a fuck who runs the yard!? LOL... seriously... you do know that's four years of a LIFETIME... but I digress... 

Whoever made this picture should be HAZED
It has nothing to do with the orgs, the picture
is just silly...
So here we are... all of us at our apex... membership is high (whether they're financial or not), you see decals everywhere for everything, nalia is being sold by the boat loads, we're able to do more good than we could have ever imagined 50 years ago... and we do (let's not thing this is the pessimistic Greek talking here)! Our problem is we could be doing so much more if we did two things:

1. Stop having a debate that has no answer... over who is more made than who

2. Pick better people.

Contrary to popular belief none of our founders were dropped off in the middle of the woods, passed an egg, sat in a tub of ice, or any of the stupid ass shit we've conceived over the years and wrapped in this pretty package of, "it's a learning experience"... they were AMAZING people who picked equally AMAZING people and didn't sacrifice their organizational agenda in an effort to run the yard or have the "most made" people. Keep in mind now I did a lot of the same shit some of yall did.... and I knew it was fucking stupid then

My Founder, the original Ace, Lonnie Spruill, Jr.
at our 50th Celebration
Now I'll probably be good and dead when my fraternity gets to be 100 and I'm fine with that... but I want to know that they'll get there... I want to know 200yrs from now Alpha, Omega, Kappa, Sigma, AKA, Delta, Zeta, and SG Rho are all there too... but if we want to get there, we have to look to our past and re-evaluate the future. Do I have the answer? Hello no! Am I saying just let a mothafucka walk up in your org no questions asked? NIGGA YOU CRAZY! But what I am saying is some of the shit isn't necessary if you reflect something worth being apart of, force them (the non-greeks) to meet HIGH academic and moral requirements to be apart and ensure that the person responsible for intake is mature enough to care for those people they're aiding in crossing the sands. We got enough shit to worry about in our communities that we're meant to be serving to be worried about how made a member is, if he or she went through what we went through or why a person did grad instead of undergrad. Nigga is you asking your MADE ass LB or LS why that mothafucka ain't paying no dues since they crossed, but be the first one in line for Beyonce/R. Kelly/Jay-z tickets, has new Jordan's or a 2014 Lincoln MKS? Lets keep this shit in perspective niggas... and until we can, I say DEATH TO MADE GREEKS, BITCH WE AIN'T ALL THAT ANY DAMN WAY!!!! LOL... Feel free to discuss folks....