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I was born on April 24, 1984 somewhere in the city of Jacksonville, FL to Willie & Gloria Jacobs. My father was an ex-football legend from the Jacksonville area (standout LB for Stanton Vocational and Florida A&M). Daddy came out of Blodgett Homes and lived around the downtown and east side areas most of his life moving from family housing flat to family housing flat (that's one room that houses two families). My mother was born and raised on the outskirts of Gainesville, FL, which I suppose is why I am how I am. I love running in the streets, but I can be just as happy lost in the woods or on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

My childhood was I think about as normal as any other kids. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't the worst childhood in the world either. I grew up into music because my dad had a record player with hundreds of old records. There was many nights that you'd come home to The Funkadelics, Michael Jackson, Al Green, or Prince playing on the record player. NO CURSING though. That was their thing... they didn't want that sort of music in their house. So from infancy until I was about 7-years old, I knew nothing of music outside of what my parents provided to me in their home. Right around second grade my parents sent me to stay the majority of my time with my grandmother, so I could go to Andrew Robinson Elementary, a new school built off of Pearl St. (in the heart of the Jacksonville ghetto). Little did they know that the school was great, but the location would change their little boy drastically.


I was a REALLY undersized 7-year-old with a rather large head, but that head was huge because it housed a HUGE brain. Being in the middle of Pearl St. brought an edge to my personality that wasn't there before. Before I was simply an "active" child, but after a year over there I began building what my sisters refer to as "savvy." Whatever the case, I got my first referral for racketeering... oh mother was so proud... SIKE! I made so many friends and built so many relationships and stole so much food out of the corner store with James and Jamal that mom thought it best that I have a change of scenery, so she sent me to San Mateo in Oceanway back in 1994.

I hated middle school. I went through a rather awkward phase of husky pants and a deep desire of white powdered doughnuts. I ate a lot, started what would become an addiction to weed, began skipping school, and learned how to dodge my father’s belt and my mother kept buying me horrible clothes! Thank GOD for my sister Karla and her need to put me in Tommy Hilfiger and Polo! I would not have made it through middle school without her. I spent most of the time asleep or behind a computer. I got my Q-Basic Certification (wow that was nerdy) and failed the 8th grade because I didn't apply myself. Luckily I was able to eek out a D- for the year in English so I didn't fail that... just Algebra and Physical Science. Boy I was really messing up back in the 90' I spent more time buying Deidra Mathews presents (do you like me circle yes or no) and listening to Brian McKnight because Alicia Grant didn't want to date me more than I did in ANY Oh well, I lost my virginity in the bathroom at JWJ, so I'd say my time there wasn't a complete failure! Lol...


I've got to say that in hindsight, high school wasn't too bad at all. I mean it wasn't perfect just like anyone else's high school experience, but it could've been worse. I met a lot of really great women in my time at First Coast High School. One who keyed my car (and still won't own up to it now) and many who love me till this day, so I'd say I did alright. But of all the bad things that happened, nothing hurt like the loss of


Tau who died of a brain aneurysm at the YMCA... I never got over the loss of Tau and have lived hoping that what I do makes him proud. After finishing high school I joined the Air Force, but wasn't cut out for it so was sent home (the details don't really It was a good thing I came home because I'd meet my wife when I came back and started college.

03-08-2010 12;19;24AM.JPG

I remember her like it was yesterday. Trell was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. But I was a child when I met her and I didn't realize what it meant and the responsibility that comes with the sort of love I had for her. So I took her for granted, took her from her home, took her out of her environment and I treated her badly, becoming nothing that she remembered and she eventually found no reason to stay with me. I miss Trell and think of her fondly. Where years ago I couldn't allow myself to be accountable for the part I played in our failed romance, I think that life (and rehab) has taught me that you can't control what others do, only what you do and how you react to their behavior. I had her a little over 2 years and I spent 8 years living like the loss of her in my life was 2 days ago. Part of me still loves her. Part of me still thinks of her as the one who got away.


Latoya Goodman saved me from myself. During my time with Trell and living in Tallahassee in 2004-2005, I started a music marketing company with friends, but because of the trials of Trell and I, I moved back to Jacksonville and had basically given up on the dream of being in the music business. I was taking photos in a club when I'd meet Latoya Goodman. I had no idea that she'd saved me from myself. We started back up my company, W.A.T.S., LLC., in the Jacksonville area and within two years had become the largest street team in the city, working for the 4 largest clubs in the market and became a supplemental resource for multiple club promoters who needed to build interest for their parties. Heck, we were even hired by a condo firm to promote for them at the Player's Championship in 2006. She got me back up on my feet and I'll always be grateful to her for that. For everyone who ever asked... WE WERE NEVER ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED, but I loved her and still love her like the air I breathe. She saved my life.. I owe Latoya Goodman a life long debt. One that I don't think I'll ever be able to repay...


Life was good again. It was around this time that I became a gym junkie and thought I was the guy in the Old Spice commercial before there was a guy in the Old Spice "Look at your man, now back at me, not back at your man, NOW BACK AT ME!" Ahhh... those were good times and I got myself reasonably together. Fell in love and out of love, then back in love and back out of it again. OH! I graduated college... AFTER 5 LONG YEARS!  

I did all that while making a name for myself and my then company W.A.T.S., LLC in the city of Jacksonville. The DJ I was managing at the time, DJ D-Money got more work than he knew what to do with. His birthday had become a city recognized event! Life couldn't have gotten any better... 


I left the music game in February of 2009 to pursue a more interesting career as a insurance adjuster and to do something I felt was lacking in my life... BEING NORMAL. But normal isn't something that's possible for someone like me I guess and I was in Wal-Mart one day and a young lady saw me and knew me from my poems on Facebook and said something that changed EVERYTHING for me. She walked past me and her eyes lit up and she yelled, "THAT'S HIM! THAT'S HIM! HIM FACEBOOK!" Lol... oh my God it was TOO funny, but then more and more people started referring to me as Brandon Kolby Jacobs (because I sign my whole name on my poems) the guy from Facebook. And eventually it just evolved into Brandon Kolby Jacobs From Facebook... the "please say the Facebook" came Being able to freely video blog, write poems, etc was therapy for me because I'd seen so many things in my life and I had not been able to speak on them. It was fun to be able to speak my mind, go to the club, party, and buy everything I could possibly ask for. Being "HIM Facebook" was great, but it came at a cost... no privacy. And assumptions that you are what you're Facebook says you are... even if you're not.

I partied a lot in 2009... perhaps to make up for what I didn't do in 2007 and it carried over into 2010. I met some amazing people in 2009 who I took for granted. And even with a return to music and some successes early on in the year I lost a lot of friendships... some I've been able to repairs... others may be gone forever...

Things got out of hand and because it was out of control I pushed my girlfriend away in the summer of 2010. So I spent the rest of 2010 trying to center my life, find a stronger relationship with God and slowly but surely I began building my life back up. Had a little help from some really great friends too...

I decided at the end of the year after getting the help, so I returned to Tallahassee alone to pursue my Master's at Florida A&M. Unfortunately for me, I got all the way there only to find out that I was admitted into the university, but not into my department of study (basically I could take classes in the Spring of 2011, but wouldn't be able to begin taking classes for my major until Summer 2011). That was unacceptable, so I quickly made arrangements to sign on at the University of Phoenix. It's strange because I found grad school to be... well... not as difficult as others had made it out to be. While in school up in Tally, I did make good use of my time, helping my fraternity grown, bring in new brothers, and get an opportunity to just... breathe. It was what I needed. But even in all   that, I still has something I needed to come back to Jacksonville  for. 


Meeting some people creates a level of accountability that perhaps wasn't always there before... and it may very well not be instant in its revelation. What I can say is meeting Amber and raising Babygirl with her, made me far more accountable than I think she'll ever know. Perfectly imperfect is undoubtedly what I am, but no matter the status... enemies, friends, a couple or separate individuals, I've learned a lot from knowing her. Many years my junior she made me a cradle robber of sorts when I met her in 2009 and I can't quantify the who's, the what's, the why's or the how's, but what I do know is that she's a really great person. I came back to try and do what I knew was right... and I'm not saying I'm good at it everyday... I'd be lying (something she hates). So I came back, showed up and now I just try and be a half way decent friend to her. Anything else, I try to leave up to God to handle... I've tried to control the situation long enough.... So 2011 sped along with me returning to Tally, then returning to Jacksonville and in 2012 I found myself on the verge of graduation (June 9, 2012 couldn't have come fast enough). I never took a break from school, never slipped under a 3.0GPA, managed to be the Jacksonville Grad Chapter Polaris, watch the most beautiful little lady come into the world on March 13, 2011 and whisk everyone's hearts away with her beauty and personality. But even with all of that, I was unsure of what I really wanted. I almost lost everything and tried to figure out who exactly I wanted to be in this next phase of my life. I knew I wanted to be a good father, I knew I wanted to be financially stable, I knew I wanted to help my parents... but at 28 yrs old I was still unsure of how to accomplish it all... in many ways it was like being 21 all over again (without the 

Most of 2012 was the realization that I had perhaps lost what I held most dear in the long nights of December in 2011... the irony in that. I found her in December, lost her, got her back in December to lose her forever in December. I don't blame her for being fed up... she had a right to be. I wasn't honest with her... but I think one day, with both parties being as honest as they can be (which won't be anytime soon), it can and will be said that there was plenty of lying, plenty of deception, plenty of pride, plenty of arrogance being thrown around and a pure unadulterated unwillingness to mutually participate when it was able to be saved. She asked for privacy when at that point we had turned on all the lights... and I can take my share of responsibility for that (because of mediums like this where I've chosen to talk) but I can't be all to blame. You can't love a promoter and hate them for being exactly that... you can't expect that from me or anyone.  We were insanely passionate... to the point where it was a bad thing for everyone. Couple that with the high expectations placed on me that I was only partially ready to accept... WE failed each other. But I'll always love her and so much of my life will forever remind me of her... But sometimes emotional infidelity (with which I am guilty) is far more unacceptable than anything physical...


Leaving Jacksonville was probably the best thing to ever happen to me because it gave me the opportunity to decompress and really build back up all the confidence I lost, but in such a way that I was so hard to get along with like I was in years past. Moving from Jacksonville, FL to Fayetteville, AR was probably, looking back on it, one of the best things that ever happened to me. I... met a girl who was amazing, who loved me unconditionally and gave me the ability to feel again... in a way I hadn't since Amber. It was good spending those few months I shared with her and I wouldn't trade a thing about my time with her... part of me wishes the way things played out had been different. Thank you Adrienne...


So fast forwarding to 2018, I still miss Babygirl a lot, I think about Amber from time to time and hope that she didn't just find happiness, but can find the essence of the truth that was in her when we first started out together. But the lack of crystal stairs in life may have hit her too hard for her to ever be the same... hell, I'm not... but I pray that life is good for her. Life's been rocky, but I couldn't ask for more. I get to wake up every day and know someone out there loves and cares about me... I'm far more reserved than I was years ago and I tend to be more focused on keeping my private life private. That doesn't mean I don't talk about what's going on in my life, but just certain things remain exposed on a very surface level.

I'm used to controlling everything and now I have accepted that it may not be that way for me anymore. I'm learning... slowly... but I'm learning. I'm learning that and how to say what I mean, mean what I say... at 11:56AM I think I'm better today than I was yesterday... I'm Brandon Kolby Jacobs and I'm a poet, a speaker of the proverbial house, God's son, musician, my mother's son, and hopefully this time I'll get things right. This is the in's and out's of me folks.  


It's 9:46PM and I'm leaving a date with the most important woman in my life. It's 5:55PM on the 5th of Neverwary and hopefully at 9:47PM the girl sitting next to me will say yes when I ask her to marry me... then I can be the greatest husband that ever lived. This is the in's and out's of me folks. This is the mind of the madman... Brandon Kolby Jacobs